Inauguration Day Reactions

The sunrise over the Capitol building was welcomed by the Doane students waiting in the dark on the National Mall.

The sunrise over the Capitol building was welcomed by the Doane students waiting in the dark on the National Mall.

Lyndsey Hrabik

The bitter wind bit at our faces and hands as we waited a seemingly eternity to catch a glimpse of President Barack Obama. A little shy of 1 million people would gather all in one location. As we huddled together, it dawned on me.People were there by choice. They wanted to see what President Obama called a peaceful transfer of power. A luxury that could not be afforded by many countries. And standing in the cold for hours at a time with little breathing room showcased the importance that Americans place on having a say in how this country is governed.They didn’t have to be there. Neither did we. But as one people, one country and one nation, everybody came to support a bright future of four new years. President Obama said it best with his speech. We must all come together and put our political differences aside, for the betterment of the country.

Sam Ritchie

Getting to witness the 57th Presidential Inauguration was an incredible experience.  The crowd was radiating energy, even before the sun rose.  The crowd’s excitement grew as the President took the podium to be sworn in and give his address to the American people.  President Obama’s speaking ability is unparalleled by any inaugural address I’ve heard.  His calls for equality for all Americans struck me as profound.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to see an innovative leader once again take the position as President of the United States.
Callie Cox
The golden sunrise over our nation’s Capitol–that’s the moment I realized the beauty of the occasion. We were witnessing history as it took place. The National Mall was packed with American comradery as many braved the cold to hear President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address. In his address, Obama stressed the importance of equality for all Americans, and how “we the people” will work together to improve the nation we love so much. I’ll never forget the power in his message and its echo throughout the entire Capitol.
Jason Luong
Waking up and traveling across town eight hours before the ceremony began was a little rough, but in the end it was all worth it. From witnessing the gorgeous sunrise behind the Capitol when we first got there, to hearing Obama’s inspiring speech, everything about the event was lovely. Obama’s speech provided life to the tired crowd and hopefully to the nation and its future. You also can’t go wrong by closing the ceremony out with Beyonce destroying the national anthem. Today was a great experience, but I know I’m not going to another inauguration unless I’m in the sitting section up front.
Richard Creeger
The early morning start was rough to handle and while it was very cold outside, it ended up being one of the most fantastic moments of my life. The crowds of people on the metro had me in awe while the lines just to walk into the National Mall were growing bigger by the minute. Hours passed by, my legs growing more tired with each minute, but once the festivities started, it’s like all the waiting and pain had been completely worth it. The whole ceremony was one that I will never forget for the rest of my life; one I will be telling my grandchildren about. The wait was totally worth it and it would have been worth it no matter what the weather or crowd size was like.
Mark LucasToday was a once in a lifetime experience! It was totally worth getting up at 2:45 a.m. and it’s something I hope to get the chance to do again in my life. Seeing the president get inaugurated gave me a feeling of patriotism and thought of just being glad to witness this historic event in person. There were so many people had being from a small town in Nebraska it was a new experience for me but I survived the large crowds  and seeing all the big name performers was great as well.

Sydney Butler

Being up before the sun, enduring cold weather, and battling crowds of hundreds of eager people are only a few of the hardships that I experienced today at the Inauguration. However, I would go through it all over again to have another amazing experience like the one that I had today. I was completely in awe of the passion that I could feel coming from the people in the crowd as they responded to statements made by Obama with “amen” and “hallelujah.” Though I was unable to see much I was truly inspired by both President Obama and the crowd of people around me.

Danielle Divis

After riding a packed Metro train, walking miles through the city, and filing through security screenings all before 6:00 a.m.,  that first sighting of the Capitol building was a sigh of relief.  Getting the opportunity to witness a presidential inauguration was amazing and well worth the early morning hustle.  Seeing the president and vice president take their oaths was a moment in history that most Americans never get to witness in person, but now I am one of the few that can say I was there.  Just being among the crowd of anxious onlookers was an experience in itself due to the chanting of Obama supporters and their spirited responses during his speech.  Attending a presidential inauguration is a very valuable experience and compels everyone who attends to feel what America stands for and the patriotism the citizens of this country contain.

Augie Sanchez

I have never been so excited and in a state of awe in my 21 years. This was an experience like no other. The waiting in long lines and shivering in cold weather and eventually my feet becoming numb was worth every second for this awesome and exciting day. For the most part, people were very friendly and apologetic when they bumped or shoved you or even cut you off. I was not able to hear much of Obama’s speech with all the chanting from around us, but most people were very excited and inspired by his words as they shouted “hallelujah” and “amen” across the crowd. Over all, the pain and being tired was worth it and I look forward for the next 4 years and for the next inauguration in 2017.

Erin Bell

Never before have I ever woken up as early as I have today, waking up at 3:00 a.m. After crowding into the metro, waiting in line in the cold and shuffling through security, we finally piled into the standing area designated for the orange ticket holders. The majority of the ceremony I was unable to see (part of the downside of being 5’4’’). However, it was a once in a lifetime experience that I was glad to experience. President Barack Obama’s inaugural address was amazing to listen to and I witnessed an event I will probably never attend again.


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