Students Get Inside Scoop

Breaching the inner circle of any secret group is tough, but with a visit to the Spy Museum today Doane students made it into the espionage world.

Students took a self-guided tour with Doane College President Jacque Carter and his wife Judy who had finished visiting family on the East Coast.

Items on display ranged from audio bugs, video camera watches, disguised radios, cyanide pills and guns in intricate designs.

The museum features relics and stories from the Civil War, World War II and the late end of the Cold War.

At the museum, patrons ride an elevator illuminated with color changing lights to the top floor where guests can choose a new identity. Next guests are guided to a theater where they are shown a short film briefly showcasing past spies and are given a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of being a spy.

The museum showcased the use of microdots to record evidence. If a spy needed to transport proof of a meeting or copy documents, operatives would take a picture with their keychain cameras, circa 1970. The images would be recorded on film the size of a written comma and unsuspectingly mailed back to headquarters between the sheets of a tourist’s postcard.

The spy museum also dedicates its entire main floor to James Bond memorabilia and the stories that inspired them. While there, guests can learn about the life of Ian Fleming, Bond’s creator, and his personal experiences that gave credence to each episode in his series of books.


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