Out of My “Comfort Zone”

In life, having to be placed in an environment outside of our “comfort zone” is something all of us have to experience at one time or another, and I have been out of my “comfort zone” for nine days now.  I have lived in Nebraska all my life and come from a town with a population of 2,500.  I have never been to a large metropolitan area like Washington D.C. before this trip and I have been amazed from the moment we arrived at Reagan National Airport.

One of the first comparisons I could make from rural Nebraska to urban D.C. is of course, the number of people that inhabit this area.  Immediately I felt crowded and just lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of the city life.  I was definitely not used to having to walk everywhere!  I have learned that “walking distance” in Nebraska is a lot different than  “walking distance” in D.C.  I am looking forward to driving my car again!

One advantage of having to walk everywhere is that you discover unique restaurants that serve food not found anywhere in Nebraska.  Since we are close to the coast, I wanted to try some fresh seafood while I was here.  So some friends and I went to a restaurant named Grillfish, which is located in the Foggy Bottom area near our hotel and is known for their array of fresh seafood.  At Grillfish, I ordered the mixed grill which consisted of grilled shrimp, scallops, mahi mahi, salmon, and swordfish served with jasmine rice and a sweet onion sauce.  The seafood turned out to be delicious!  I will compare all seafood I ever have in the future to Grillfish.  If there was a reason why I would move to a city, it would be the variety of food that is conveniently located throughout each neighborhood.

My time here in D.C. has been filled with museum tours, unique restaurants, and new modes of transportation.  Even though I will always choose the country over the city, I have enjoyed my time spent here and all the adventures I’ve had here the past nine days.  It has definitely been a worthwhile trip and one that I will remember forever.


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