The National Museum of the American Indian

The emotional impact at the Holocaust museum dwarfs the dry history lessons found at the American Indian museum.

While the Holocaust museum exposes and documents the tragedy of the crimes committed against the Jewish people, the American Indian museum seems to barely recognize the injustices the Native Americans have faced since the time the Europeans came to this continent.

It seemed that the Holocaust museum drew more attention to eugenics in 1920s America than the American Indian museum did, which is odd considering Native Americans were often those subjugated to forced sterilization.

While the museum did portray Native American life in America today, it seemed to gloss over the crimes perpetrated against the indigenous peoples. In a culture where Native American characters are still being played stereotypically by white actors (see: the Lone Ranger remake), the need for understanding of the European American’s terrible treatment of the Native American is more important than ever.


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