Visiting the Eastern Market

DSCN0158Many of us are familiar with Food Network.  But anybody who is aware of the show, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” or “Triple D” knows that the show brings an entirely different dynamic to the network.  In fact, the show is responsible for much of Food Network’s male viewership.  So, I got introduced to “Triple D” over the Christmas holiday and have been hooked ever since.  During that time, I have watched as host Guy Fieri has toured the country profiling those “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants that the average person may not be aware of.  Thankfully, Fieri profiled a restaurant here in Washington and I was determined to visit it during my visit.

Tonight we traveled to Washington’s Eastern Market area.  It was a dramatic change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown, the area’s where we have spent the majority of our time.  The Eastern Market lies in an area along Pennsylvania Avenue not far from Capitol Hill.  The Capitol dome was highly visible as we walked from the subway station to our restaurant.

It is different here, but still uniquely Washington.  The streets are quiet, and there are far less people out-and-about.  Yet the restaurants were still packed as we walked by.  Tonight’s destination was a Mexican and Salvadorian grill profiled on “Triple D” called Tortilla Café.  It was certainly one of those “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants with inexpensive, good, hearty food.  In fact, we were happily surprised as we walked in and the owner who was featured on “Triple D” was working the counter taking orders.

Tortilla Café is known for their pupusa’s, a traditional Salvadorian dish that involves a tortilla filled with pork and cheese.  The dish can be deceiving because it looks as if it is only a thick tortilla.  Take one bite, however, and it became quickly apparent that it is filled with a delicious mix of meat and cheese.

It was truly a treat to be able to dine at Tortilla Café.  To be able to dine in a place that was completely different from the normal pace of life.  It was certainly a unique experience to be on that side of Washington and was a great expansion on the exploration that has taken place thus far in our trip.DSCN0165DSCN0168


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