Day 3 Recap – Georgetown

Yummy Cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes

Within a few minutes of landing in Washington, D.C. I knew there was one place I had to visit– Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcakes is the setting for a reality television show on TLC called “D.C. Cupcakes”. Having seen the show as well as being a fan of cupcakes, I was eager to visit. The promise of possibly being on TV didn’t hurt either. So I ventured out with a friend in search of finding the store. After a little walking, we found it on the corner of 33rd and M street. The line for the bakery extended down the street. We jumped in line and after about a 30 minute wait we reached the register. There was a selection of 20 cupcakes to choose from for the day (each looking utterly delicious). Carefully deliberating, I decided to order two cupcakes: one cookie and cream and the other strawberry. They didn’t disappoint. Each cupcake was unique from any other I had ever tried. The cookie and cream one not only was topped with crushed Oreos, but had another Oreo baked into the bottom of it. As for the strawberry cupcake, it contained actual chunks of strawberries, which equals a successful night in Washington, D.C. for me, even if I didn’t end up on TV.


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