Day 2 Recap – Memorials and more

DC Interterm Class at Lincoln Memorial

DC Interterm Class at Lincoln Memorial

Just a light jacket? In January? In Washington, D.C.? Happy Saturday to us.

On this gorgeous 50 degree-day we ventured to some of the nation’s most popular memorials, including the World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and my favorite-the newly established Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

At the World War II Memorial the fountain in the center was turned off for the winter but the memorial still was filled with beauty and impact. Each state and territory during the war had a pillar displayed and many of us enjoyed taking photos in front of our home state. We chatted with a friendly ranger who informed us how to add family members or friends who served in the war to the World War II Registry. By visiting the National WWII Memorial website, you can enroll a veteran to the registry and even print a certificate. The ranger encouraged us to do so because the registry mostly includes those wounded or killed in the war.

After trying to snap perfect photos at the Lincoln, Korean and Vietnam Memorials, we entered the beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I got caught up in reading the walls filled with MLK quotations and the giant statue of the man himself helped us all to reflect. Not to mention, the view behind the memorial showed gorgeous water and a view of the Jefferson Memorial.

Feet were throbbing and stomachs were growling by early afternoon, so we went to eat lunch after what seemed like a 10 mile walk. You could say the group was exhausted, so we headed back to the hotel to get some work done and rest up for the packed upcoming week.

Most of the group got the hang of the metro–except for me. My metro card, which I had to add money to twice yesterday, would never let me through. So, with my frustration I mastered the art of sneaking in quickly behind whoever was in front of me. I think the station officers caught me once. You could say I was glad to be done for the day.


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