Day one recap – the Metro, money making and the Pentagon

Doane Student Media

Our first full day in Washington, D.C. started off a little rocky as we had some difficulties with the Metrorail system. The following are just some of the problems we had with the Metro system:

  1. Finding the Metro station
  2. Putting money on our Metro cards
  3. Using our cards to get through the turnstile
  4. Finding the right train
  5. Learning how to read the train map

So yes, we literally had every problem imaginable. But it was a good experience! Hopefully tomorrow there won’t be any problems.

We Metro’d our way to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for a tour that took about 30 minutes. We got to peer through large windows and watch as highly trained workers printed 100 dollar bills right in front of us. It involved a four step process and several very large machines. The whole time I was in awe of the absurd amount of mullah in front of me. Overall, it was neat to not only learn about the process but to also see it first hand. To learn more about the Bureau of Engraving, read Lyndsey Hrabik’s story here.

When we were done drooling over money, we hopped back onto the Metro and grabbed some lunch at various restaurants around of hotel and grabbed some quick naps.

After sleepy time we Metro’d over to the Pentagon for a pretty lengthy tour, both in time and walking distance. The Pentagon is largest low-rise building in the world, and it’s also the easiest building to get lost in. The tour mainly focused on how the events of 9/11 effected the Pentagon. It was great to be guided through the building by two military personnel that literally knew everything about the building. When the tour was over we walked outside to view the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. Simply put, it was beautiful. To read more about our experience at the Pentagon, read Hannah Bauer’s story here.

The Pentagon ended was the last event of our day. Tomorrow we will head to the National Mall and possibly the Smithsonian. Look forward to LOTS of photos and videos.


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